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Skiouros Kabar

Malkavian Primogen

21 December
Character Background

Pre-Embrace: Skiouros Kabar was born on December 21, 1950 in a small village on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean. The night of his birth was unusual in terms of astronomy, since the moon was in its earliest waxing stage and thus was hardly a sliver in the sky. This, combined with an intense storm whose clouds dominated the otherwise exposed heavens, obscured all natural light which would had normally been seen after dark. Furthermore, the storm had eliminated any electricity, thereby providing no escape from the darkness which engulfed the entire community; as such, there was not even enough light for a shadow to be cast. Despite the confusion of the storm and the minimal visibility, the labor was free of any complications, with the exception of one. Upon feeling Skiouros' back, there appeared to be a slight protrusion near his lower back. It was later discovered that this was simply an extra calcification of bone matter, which is sometimes referred to as a tail. It is for these reasons that he received the name Skiouros, which is a combination of ski, which in archaic Greek means shadow, and ouros, meaning tail. For purposes of simplicity, Skiouros' name was often shortened to either "Ski" for the people on the island that spoke Greek, or "Shadow" for the English speaking inhabitants. Since his tail was not readily visible, it was rarely mentioned.

Skiouros' parents were, like many people in the village, monetarily poor but land wealthy. His parents had converted one of the smaller cottages on their property into a quaint inn to secure income during the tourist season. His mother, whose ancestors had lived on the island for as far back as their genealogy could be traced, tended primarily to the tourists, while his father, a swarthy recent Tunisian immigrant from Carthage, focused on the finances. As a child, he enjoyed conversing with the endless cycles of tourists, delighting them with his complex and intricately developed imagination, even if he thought it was more an influence of outside forces rather than just an imagination.

When he was 10 years of age, in late December of 1960, Cyprus transformed from an occupied territory of the United Kingdom to an independent nation-state. This political transition was primarily a bureaucratic process relatively free of violence or uprising... relatively free. His village had been accused of concealing criminals who performed acts of vandalism and civil disobedience prior to the transition. As a result, the occupying forces decided to raid the village, murdering most of the residents. Although he was able to flee the village with the aid of other villagers, he was informed that both his parents had been killed as a result of being a threat to domestic security. Fortunately, he was not completely abandoned, as his mother had a twin sister who lived in Berkeley, California.

Berkeley during the 1960s was a place of social liberation, experimentation, and controlled upheaval. His Aunt Laura was the stereotypical hippie with her beaded dresses, hemp sandals, long hair, lingering aroma of marijuana and wet dirt, and an inclination to partake of many psychotropic drugs. She lived in a large house filled with extravagant expenditures; however, the origins of her wealth were at first a mystery, since she never appeared to have a job. Unfortunately, this revelation was accompanied with some rather pernicious consequences. Around the age of 14, Skiouros was asked by his Aunt if he could help her with her work. Whereas this request seemed innocent enough, he graciously complied with her request. They drove from Berkeley to Oakland, ultimately stopping in a parking lot near a primarily industrial and commercial part of the city. After a short walk to an inconspicuous warehouse, the nature of his Aunt's money was revealed: her wealth had been amassed from years of prostitution as well as a more recent venture into the exploitation of other sex workers as a pimp. The clients seemed primarily to be overweight, middle-aged men desperate to find someone who would touch them without being repulsed, even if under insincere pretenses. How was Skiouros to help in this commercialization of sex? Although his Aunt had many female workers, there were few male workers. Then again, there weren't any female clients. Therefore, he was occasionally used to satisfy the clients that had a craving for younger boys and the pocketbook to fund such social vices. Additionally, there was a particular client that would pay outrageous amounts of money to witness incestuous sexual acts. As a result, Skiouros and his Aunt would occasionally engage in carnal acts under the auspices of financial security. This occurred from the age of 14 until the age of 18, at which time Skiouros left for college.

Skiouros' desire to leave behind the objectification of the skin trade motivated him to excel in his academic studies. He received excellent marks in all of his classes, and was situated to be accepted into college without any difficulties. During his high school career, he occasionally experienced visions which he believed were images or situations from different periods of time. Although most of the visions were too esoteric and indecipherable to be translated into prophecy, they did occasionally impart some form of knowledge of understanding. As a result, Skiouros came to believe that there is a mystical thread through which time and all experiences are interconnected, and when given the proper blessing or comprehension, the barriers which limit individuals to experience life only in a temporally linear fashion can be subverted. At the time, these temporal transgressions were minimal and non-disruptive.

Skiouros left Berkeley to go to college at University of California, Santa Cruz. On his way to Santa Cruz, he stopped by the warehouse in Oakland which still housed his Aunt's concubines. There was a tall, slender girl with skin as black as charcoal and eyes as green as emeralds. She was 15 years old at the time, and had been abandoned by her birth parents as a baby. Skiouros' Aunt had found her as an infant and trained her from birth to be a sex worker, starting with giving her the name Luscious. Whereas teeth were more of a liability than an asset to some prostitutes, Luscious was never given any toothpaste and thus, she had already lost all of her teeth. Feeling an unusual amount of sympathy, Skiouros took Luscious from the warehouse and had her move with him to Santa Cruz. Their relationship was never sexual, but did have a master/servant dynamic out of appreciation and gratitude.

Fascinated with the study of time as a result of his temporal lapses, Skiouros decided to study physics, primarily focusing on quantum physics. Like in high school, he excelled in college as well, acquiring his doctorate at the age of 26. During this time period, the temporal lapses increased in frequency, usually showing him bizarre images of what appeared to be the future, or the times of extreme antiquity. Although these episodes appeared to only occur to the outside viewer for seconds, they did lead to a complete paralysis during that time period. He sought medical advice from a few different doctors; however, they could only attribute it to "conscious narcolepsy" or "lucid dreaming" and provided no solution. After receiving his doctorate, he was offered a research job in New York City, where he moved into a former warehouse that had previously been converted into a loft and studio for a rather eccentric artist along with Luscious, who had become his chauffeur, bodyguard, secretary, maid, and general personal assistant.

Embrace And Post-Embrace: Two years after moving to New York City, Skiouros, at the age of 28, was immensely enjoying the vibrance and eclectic nature of the city. The beginnings of punk and new wave were approaching, and the New York nightlife and underground scenes proved to be quite exciting. Since his research position was fairly flexible and did not involve much interaction with the general public, he could make his own hours and look however he wanted. One night, after dancing at a club until sunrise, hedonistically gyrating and participating in various sordid acts of debauchery, he returned to the loft to find his Aunt Laura already inside. Skiouros was definitely surprised to see her, since he had not communicated with her after leaving for college almost ten years earlier. She had aged exceptionally well, or so he had thought as he examined her; her breasts were still firm, her skin was still smooth and elastic. It was only her eyes that looked as though they had aged, and it truly was an intuition of experience one felt when gazing into her eyes rather than the eyes themselves. Aunt Laura rose from the chair in which she was sitting, dramatically placed in the corner in front of the lamp so that her silhouette would be dramatically featured against the illuminated background. She slowly walked over to Skiouros, powerfully gliding along the floor as if each step had its own independent purpose. Upon her arrival, she whispered into his ear, nibbling the earlobe along the way, that she was in fact not his Aunt, but rather his mother.

Shocked by this traumatic and perplexing revelation, Skiouros was unable to formulate a response. During this period of silence, she explained that shortly after his birth in 1950, she began to hear internal voices, primarily that of a woman named Laura. Laura, who had become Aunt Laura, was a calloused hypersexual with an insatiable thirst for money and material possession; however, Skiouros' original mother, who prior to his birth had no psychological disorders, began to develop Munchausen by Proxy, the disorder which motivated individuals to hurt those they loved intentionally so that those hurt would develop a dependence on the afflictor of pain. Unable to allow his mother to hurt him, the Aunt personality dominated, ultimately eliminating the mother under the guise of collateral damage during the village uprising. As for his father, the mother had poisoned his food earlier that day during one of her Munchausen afflictions; however, the potency of the poison was too intense for him to survive. Clearly, Skiouros was conflicted and confused, both because she had saved his life from his mother, was actually his mother, but had been responsible for the death of his mother, who during her reign as mother, never exhibited any malevolent tendencies. She continued her confession, explaining that although she had thought Skiouros' mother was forever eliminated, she could sense the mother resurfacing within the depths of the Aunt's mind. Although she had failed to express her love in a healthy, symbiotic fashion, the Aunt truly loved him, and wanted him to be forever safe. Therefore, she had come to inform him of her final solution, to kill herself physically so that the mother could not return. However, before her death, she wanted to depart one last gift that would ensure a long life free of mortal disease. With this, she grabbed his neck and ravenously penetrated his flesh with her sharpened incisors. Skiouros felt a sense of desperation as the air and sensation seemed to flee from his body; however, this sensation was quickly replaced by an uncanny sense of euphoria, as if the fear had been placated by some external force. Hours later, Skiouros woke up with a rare hunger, the Aunt offered her blood, from which he drank until she was almost completely drained of blood. Then, as she had earlier stated, she threw herself from the highest window in the warehouse, exposing her pale flesh to the unforgiving sun, turning to ashes before her body ever hit the pavement.

Skiouros decided to remain in New York City simply because there was still something compelling about it. His temporal episodes increased in frequency, so much so that it became a distraction from work and from some daily interactions; however, it did bring about a sense of satisfaction and wisdom which he found increasingly desirable and less arcane. After a few months, he came in contact with other Malkavians, and finding some sense of unity, as disjointed and incomprehensible as it may had seemed to most others, associated with the clan quite frequently. Recently, he became the Primogen of the Malkavian clan -- a position which he still holds. In addition to money saved during his research days, he makes money through writing strange literature and the occasional person who wishes to stop by for a twisted psychic reading.

Character Traits

Personality: As a result of experiencing temporal anomalies in addition to the general dementia with which all Malkavians are burdened, Skiouros is perceived to be out of touch with daily reality. However, although he often communicates with words that are understandable, the content of what he says is occasionally incomprehensible or incoherent, like understanding passages from a book, but failing to understand the message given as a result of an absence of context. His dementia varies dramatically from moments of complete lunacy to brief occasions of perfect lucidity. During his more lucid moments, he may refer to himself in the third person, but not always. Moments of lucidity often occur immediately following a temporal episode in which he "travels" to a time period prior to his embrace.

He has a mild paranoia which is occasionally enhanced by the sight of military or police officers and sex workers who appear to be content in their current situation. Paranoia amongst other Malkavians is practically non-existent, and is negligible with members of other clans. Unlike many Malkavians which prefer solitude, he strives to incorporate many Malkavians into his everyday existence, and strives to create a sense of diplomacy between rival clans so that they can experience the freedom from the confines of sanity which tend to dull the mind and the spirit.

Allies/Enemies: Skiouros' main ally is his mortal assistant Luscious, a former toothless prostitute who he removed from the confines of his Aunt's harem. No longer a prostitute and sporting an exquisite set of false teeth, her loyalty to him is incorruptible and eternal. Luscious tends to business that needs to be accomplished during the daylight hours, as well as provide him with transportation and protection to ensure any accidents do not arise from the paralysis caused by a temporal episode.

As a result of his writings and lectures which are further explained in the Resources section, he also has a cult following of mortals that appreciate his fiction and are mesmerized when he speaks. Skiouros also has allies with the lower members of the Malkavian clan that prefer company to solitude. These specific individuals, as well as any other allies, will be included as they are known or created.

He has no known living enemies at this time; however, the identities of enemies will be updated and disclosed as they are created.

Physical Appearance: Skiouros has a slender physique, being approximately 6'1" and around 150 pounds; however, the majority of his mass is muscle. He has large eyes which are primarily black with a magenta overtone; his eyes always seem to be emoting an intense expression. He has an olive complexion despite his lack of exposure to the sun and his hair is often dyed multiple outrageous colors and styled in a punk fashion. As a result of his time shifts, he has perceptions about what people are wearing in the future. Therefore, he can been seen wearing a variety of bizarre attire, from colored saran wrap to orange traffic cones. Often, he wears tight vinyl pants and brightly colored shredded tops. Furthermore, he likes to accent his wardrobe with various pieces of fabric tied around his waist to replicate a tail, since he was born with one. Without exception, he always wears his pair of wrist armor -- two ornately decorated, shiny metallic copper colored armcuffs which extend from the wrist to the elbow, that he inherited from his father after his death.


Residence: Skiouros resides in a warehouse in the Soho district of New York City that was converted into a loft/studio many years ago. The only other permanent resident at this time is Luscious; however, the space is large enough to house other individuals, and does contain a space for mortal business transactions.

Mode Of Transportation: Skiouros does not drive himself, as a result of the unpredictable nature of his temporal paralysis. He prefers to walk on foot; however, if a vehicle is necessary, he will be driven by Luscious in a purple 2001 Honda Accord which has been adorned with sculptures of various geometric shapes which he believes prevents the government from tracking his movements. Fortunately, the general public simply attributes this vehicle to the eccentricities of an artist rather than subscription to this conspiracy theory.

Equipment: Skiouros finds that the most effective and gratifying way to subdue an enemy is through a scrambling of the mind. However, in situations where physical violence may present itself, he declines conventional and easily concealed weapons like guns and knives for more unexpected weapons. Thusly, in terms of physical weaponry, he either carries a crossbow or a mace.

Miscellaneous: Skiouros, as a result of his previous research position, still has ties to the scientific community and access to various laboratories throughout the city. He can fund most ventures as a result of money saved during his research days as well as from money from his literature. He attempted to write down what he had seen during his hallucinations/temporal adventures. These attempts were later transformed into three published works of fiction: Tail, Flower Of My Secret, and The Density Of Lunacy; royalties collected from these works provide more than adequate income.

From his upbringing, Skiouros is fluent in the following languages/dialects: English, Greek, Turkish, and Tunisian Arabic.

Character Specifics

Offense Score: 7 [Auspex + Dementation]

Defense Score: 11 [Auspex + Dementation + Obfuscate x 2]

Vampire Disciplines:

Dementation (Level IV): Use of this discipline has always been innately powerful; however, it has received massive amounts of dedication not from a desire to use it in many situations among vampires of other clans, but as a magnificent asset should the need for combat arise. Realizing it is both a great defensive and offensive tool, it has been enhanced to a truly gifted level. Its potency is completely adequate to eliminate the sanity of mortals without effort.

I. Passion: You can alter your victim's emotions, either by heightening them to a fevered pitch or blunting them completely, but can only be used on existing emotions.
II. The Haunting: Your victim will begin having horrible visions and will experience anxiety of unbearable levels, often believing they are going mad. This occurs not immediately, but rather over a long period of time.
III. Eyes Of Chaos: You are able to gain insights into the true self of a person by examining the patterns in their soul.
IV. Voice Of Madness: Your victim will be propelled into frenzy or blind fear that lasts for several minutes.

Auspex (Level III): As a result of perceiving the mystical currents through which existence itself is bound, or at least the belief in this, he finds that he has a severely heightened perception of his environment and those individuals contained within it. His superior mastery of the discipline is demonstrated by the notion that what appears to be paralysis to others is actually a window into the disintegration of time. This ability also allows him to communicate occasionally with others through telepathic means, although the messages are often received as disjointed images rather than coherent words or messages.

I. Heightened Senses: All natural senses are heightened (Sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste)
II. Aura Perception: You are able to perceive psychic auras that surround all mortals and supernatural beings. This can be used to determine the subject's emotional state and can also to detect otherwise hidden supernatural beings.
III. The Spirit's Touch: Allows you to read the "psychic imprint" of the person who last touched an item.

Obfuscate (Level II): Despite an eccentric nature and outrageous appearance, Skiouros has honed his ability to conceal himself, perhaps more through installing temporary lunacy amongst others than solely on his own merits.

I. Cloak Of Shadows: You cannot be seen so long as you have some light concealment (like shadows) and remain still.
II. Unseen Presence: You cannot be seen as long as you do not disrupt the environment or make significant noise, and you may move about normally.

Undeveloped Disciplines: Animalism, Celerity, Dominate, Fortitude, Potence, Presence, Protean.


Flaw: Skiouros' temporal episodes are more frequently triggered during periods of stress or confusion. Although in the perception of others, the paralysis tends to last for only a few seconds, the paralysis can prove to be a detriment during interactions where an immediate response is required.

Flaw: Skiouros, being born with a tail, has a inclination to enjoy and become distracted by creatures with disproportionately large and ostentatious tails or tail feathers. This primarily refers to squirrels and peacocks. If either one is seen, there is a possibility that he may become distracted, even during times of danger, or may regress into a state of diminished lucidity until the creature passes from his vision.

Flaw: As an unanticipated resurfacing of suppressed trauma caused by working in his Aunt's harem, Skiouros will refuse to feed upon mortals who he has seen consume phallic shaped objects like bananas, eclairs, and corn dogs, in a suggestive, sexually provocative manner. Fortunately, since this fact is rarely advertised, it is likely to be a significant obstacle.

Merit: From having the belief that he can occasionally transcend linear existence, he has the ability to sense and even predict the outcome of some events before their occurrence, even if he is not directly involved in them. Also, this ability allows him greater access into the minds of those around him, and increases any latent telepathic or empathic abilities. This ability, although perplexing and obscure even to himself, can manifest itself either as a remote viewing or as a inter-character telepathy.

Merit: Skiouros, considering himself an emissary to the Malkavian clan, tends to be more liked and accepted by members of rival clans and other-worldly creatures than would a standard Malkavian.

Generation: Skiouros is currently an 8th generation Malkavian Primogen.

Physical, Social, And Mental Attributes:

Intelligence (Excellent): His many years of schooling and exposure to different stimuli have greatly enhanced his intellect.
Charisma (Excellent): Perhaps it is what is being said, or the way it is said, but people tend to listen and to agree.
Perception (Excellent): A byproduct of heightened Auspex skills as well as a supernatural connection to existence itself, he tends to perceive that which most are unable to see.

Wits (Average): Although he may have a high sense of perception, communicating it is usually most effective with other Malkavians.
Manipulation (Average): Others tend to do what he wants, but the problem is having that want understood all the time.
Appearance (Average): His appearance is unusual, and tends to torment many, at least those of mortal composition.
Stamina (Average): Not of a warrior or fighter level, but certainly comparable to most.

Strength (Poor): A lack of physical altercations combined with natural body structure, eliminated the need for this to be enhanced.
Dexterity (Poor): Minimal experience with physical weapons and combat.